8. Jan 2015
Dante Socks-Server Webmin-Module - abandoned


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Dante Socks-Server Webmin-Module - abandoned

I didn't do anything on this project since 2004. It is now more than 10 Years abandoned. This Software is still licend under the GPL. If you interested in the code you can download and modify it as you like. I will not work on this software anymore.

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Dante Socks-Server Webmin module: Introduction

I've started this project in 2002 for VaMax. After some modifications I'll now publish this module as open source under the GPL.

With this Webmin module you can configure the Dante Socks-Server (particularly modify its configuration files). In most cases you have to know what to put into the fields, even though there is a lot of on-line help, therefore beginner will find support too. Some of dantes features can't be configured with this tool. (e.g the possibility to put more than one "method" fields in to the config file.) This module is partially translated into German. I will change it to full translated some day. If you are interested in the source code you will discover a few German comments. I will translate them to English in the near future.

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Announcements, news and bugs...

2004/01/22 I have released a new beta version, successfully tested with Debian woody and Webmin 1.121. Start, stop and configuration reload should work now. Please edit the modul configuration. There are new and important Fields.

2004/01/07And another bug: the module tries to load the Net::LDAP library what isn't standard perl. So there may be an "Error - Perl execution failed" message if you try to run it. I made a new version available, now called "beta2", even though there are only two bugs fixed.

2004/01/06 Please start, stop and reload your "sockd" by hand not with this modul and make a copy of your original configfile to a "safe" place. If you discover installation problems, try the newest version from here. You have to modify the configuration of this module too. For that go to the "Modul Config" link in the upper left corner of the start page.

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Download and Installation

The installation is as follows: download it into a folder, accessible from Webmin-Server. Log in as "admin" to webmin, or as the person who is able to configure Webmin. In the category "Webmin" click on "Webmin Configuration" . Now choose "Webmin Modules". Put your path to the Webmin module to the first text box and click on "Install". Thats it.

This Webmin module is beta software. Give it a try. If you encounter problems with this module (not with Dante Socks-Server) or if you have a feature request and so on, feel free to send me a mail. Currently there is no FAQ.

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Miscellaneous links

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